We Are Visionary

Visionary Services is a technology company based in Des Moines, Iowa that provides companies large and small with web design, web development and digital marketing solutions.

We’ve been in business since 1992 – well before the World Wide Web was truly worldwide. In that time, we’ve learned a lot by building websites for a wide range of clients both near and far.

Our talented group of designers, developers, and project managers know how to take the stress out of projects and craft an online presence that matches the quality of your business or organization.

David Safris, President Read David's Bio

David Safris

Monica Langin, Vice President Read Monica's Bio

Monica Langin

Vice President
Garritt Grandberg, Vice President Technology & Engineering Read Garritt's Bio

Garritt Grandberg

Vice President Technology & Engineering
Bryan Gruhlke, Senior Project Manager Read Bryan's Bio

Bryan Gruhlke

Senior Project Manager
Jammie Hall, Senior Project Manager Read Jammie's Bio

Jammie Hall

Senior Project Manager
Tim Huff, Senior Software Engineer Read Tim's Bio

Tim Huff

Senior Software Engineer
Shawn Althaus, Senior Software Engineer

Shawn Althaus

Senior Software Engineer
Stacy Sheeler, Lead Project Manager Read Stacy's Bio

Stacy Sheeler

Lead Project Manager
Kelli Huerter, Lead Project Manager Read Kelli's Bio

Kelli Huerter

Lead Project Manager
Kelsy Sinnwell, Lead Project Manager Read Kelsy's Bio

Kelsy Sinnwell

Lead Project Manager
Stacey Myers, Project Manager Read Stacey's Bio

Stacey Myers

Project Manager
Kevin Studer, Project Manager Read Kevin's Bio

Kevin Studer

Project Manager
Joe Helmick, Project Manager Read Joe's Bio

Joe Helmick

Project Manager
Sarah Urich, Project Lead Read Sarah's Bio

Sarah Urich

Project Lead
Chris Uchytil, Project Lead

Chris Uchytil

Project Lead
Alecia Kindred, Project Lead Read Alecia's Bio

Alecia Kindred

Project Lead
Emily Manley, Project Lead Read Emily's Bio

Emily Manley

Project Lead
Kellee Mullen, Project Lead Read Kellee's Bio

Kellee Mullen

Project Lead
Erin Vance, Project Lead Read Erin's Bio

Erin Vance

Project Lead
Krista Scheidecker, Business Intelligence Analyst Read Krista's Bio

Krista Scheidecker

Business Intelligence Analyst
Nick Murphy, Data Analyst Read Nick's Bio

Nick Murphy

Data Analyst
Holly Murphy, Front End Designer Read Holly's Bio

Holly Murphy

Front End Designer
Paige Sanders, Production Specialist Read Paige's Bio

Paige Sanders

Production Specialist
Kelley Orr, Office Coordinator Read Kelley's Bio

Kelley Orr

Office Coordinator
Luke Frazee, Software Engineer

Luke Frazee

Software Engineer
Dakota Reid, Software Engineer

Dakota Reid

Software Engineer
Mike Hughes, Systems Administrator Read Mike's Bio

Mike Hughes

Systems Administrator
Evan Weaver, Software Developer

Evan Weaver

Software Developer
Adam Logan, Software Developer Read Adam's Bio

Adam Logan

Software Developer
Nathan Phifer, Software Developer Read Nathan's Bio

Nathan Phifer

Software Developer

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