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Tim Huff

Senior Software Engineer

Tim Huff

Tim rolled off the assembly line back in 1976, from a robot manufacturing plant orbiting Saturn. After landing a cushy gig with a nomadic family originally from Michigan, he traveled around the Midwest for bit before settling in Des Moines. Most of his schooling happened in the Metro area, including a not so brief period at Iowa State University. His first grown-up jobs were in the commercial printing industry, mainly because he wanted to be paid for being creative. Computer stuff has always been a part of Tim’s life, not only because he is a robot, but also because the patriarch of that beforementioned nomadic family was a pretty sweet coder back in the day. So, even though Tim tried to escape from that lifestyle, it kept pulling him back in— kind of like the mob. Finally, in 2013, he decided to accept who he really is and joined Visionary as a real boy programmer. There is video footage on the Internet of Tim claiming to have been hired by Visionary as an apprentice midwife, but as always, you should never fully trust what you see on the Internet.

In his free time, Tim likes to dig on music, binge on Netflix, and nap. He has successfully reproduced (kind of hard for a robot, trust me), being a father to a pretty awesome daughter. Even though one could consider children as pets, he does have one legitimate pet: a cat. The cat is not awesome.

11 years

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