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Krista Scheidecker

Business Intelligence Analyst

Krista Scheidecker

Krista grew up on an acreage in Forest City, Iowa having learned how to drive a motorcycle before a lawnmower and a 5 speed before an automatic.

She went to Iowa State University and double majored in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and International Business. She also studied abroad in Valencia, Spain. Her parents had met at Iowa State and all three siblings along with her husband as well attended the university – (Go Cyclones!)

Before coming to Visionary, Krista worked for a third-party logistics broker for 6 years where she brokered full truckloads of freight, helped move thousands of pallets and ended up in Operations.

If you can’t tell, Krista loves big data! Her favorite part of her current job is getting to know the intricate details of data and being able to visualize the big picture of how those details impact business directly. If there’s any detailed, logic-heavy work, you’ll find Krista there. She loves the project management process and the organization aspects while working on her FedEx projects.

When she isn’t being logistically awesome, Krista loves to read, play volleyball and travel with her husband, Tyson. They’ve been to Spain, Vietnam, Greece, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Italy and Belgium!

She resides in West Des Moines with her husband.

8 years
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