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Gracie Grandberg

Production Specialist

Gracie Grandberg

Gracie hails from the countryside south of Indianola, Iowa. Currently, she's working towards her degree in graphic design and visual communications. At Visionary, Gracie serves as a Production Support Specialist, contributing to the FASCnet, IDEAL, and QDM teams.

Beyond the office, Gracie finds joy in pursuing creative outlets such as drawing and digital illustration. She's also an avid participant in Dungeons & Dragons sessions with friends and immerses herself in her favorite video games, namely Baldur’s Gate 3 and Dragon's Dogma 2.

In her personal life, Gracie shares a home with her significant other, Alex, and their two beloved cats, Hotch and Bean. The feline duo often joins them during gaming sessions, offering their unique form of assistance by wandering across keyboards and seeking out cozy spots near warm gaming consoles.


1 year
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