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Web Application Development & UX Design Bliss Events & Staffing

These days a business needs to communicate with their clients and staff using many channels. Some clients prefer emails, staff may want to receive SMS texts, and yet others may want push notifications to their smartphones. Building a powerful web-based app to handle this challenge was Visionary's job while working with Bliss Events & Staffing.

Bliss Events & Staffing web design by Visionary

Unique Web Design

Potential clients and employees viewing Bliss's website must be reassured that the company is well-managed and capable. Our goal when creating the site's unique design was to showcase the amazing events and parties it has managed.

Displaying large photos, galleries showcasing recent events, and describing past services reassures clients that Bliss knows what they are doing and can be trusted to put on a perfect event.

Web App Development

Visionary's PHP software engineering team planned and built a powerful event management tool for Bliss Events & Staffing. Approved users can access the web-based app to view schedules, review their event's details, and quickly communicate with the Bliss team. The custom app development was completed using Visionary's Site OnCall CMS suite, the perfect foundation for any specialized software solution.

The web app is available on smartphones of all types - through Apple's iOS, Google's Android, and more.

Bliss Events & Staffing web app development by Visionary
Multiple notification channels

Multiple Notification Channels

Everyone has their preferred method of communication. A successful business talks to their customers, staff, and community through each person's most comfortable channel. Bliss Events & Staffing's custom-developed app supports multiple notification channels. And each user of the app can choose their preferred and backup methods.

  • Email
  • SMS Text
  • Push notifications
  • Automated voice calls

Third Party Integrations

No one wants to reinvent the wheel. When there is a strong and capable solution available that meets a client's needs, Visionary will use APIs (application programming interfaces) to connect to third-party solutions. These behind-the-scenes integrations allow us to take advantage of previously available tools and save our clients time and money.

Our custom-built web app uses Twilio and other services to effectively communicate with Bliss's clients and staff in near real-time.

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