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Data Analysis & Business Intelligence FedEx®

Visionary is proud to have worked alongside FedEx®, supporting their efforts to improve customer interactions, effectively manage their teams, and learn from the huge amount of data they collect.

Data Reporting

Visionary's custom-developed reporting systems provide FedEx teams with data solutions that enable informed business decisions. This reporting is the product of rigorous data mining, normalization, and model development used to create actionable reports that showcase top performing customers, shipping behaviors by location or package type, and even provides users with a "build-your-own report" tool. This custom-developed reporting system is the source of truth for specific shipping services and feeds numerous downstream sources.

FedEx data analytics and reporting
Custom data reporting for FedEx

Custom Developed Analytics

When the FedEx® team has questions about how their services and products are performing, they come to Visionary. We gather information from many sources across the expansive FedEx® corporation to present a cohesive, purposeful set of data. Using sophisticated data modeling and logic, this system measures process quality assurance for FedEx and its vendors. The web application seamlessly integrates with client databases and external applications to exchange information for up-to-date, all-encompassing reporting on volume, compliance, customer feedback, location information and competitor data. Made up of highly visual dashboards with robust filtering to pinpoint specific scenarios, complex information is presented in a way that is easy to digest. What can Visionary do with your data?

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