Envision Salon Spa

Website Design

The new Envision Salon Spa website is full of large and beautiful photos from the salon. Designed to provide easy access to the salon's services and products, the website also features the individual stylists and other staff. Visionary also emphasized mobile optimization to provide the best access to important information to every client.

Simple Job Application

Finding the best talent is a difficult task for any business, in any industry. Envision Salon Spa's online job application was developed with potential new employees' interest in mind. Rather than asking endless questions - basically a small life history - the salon's form just asks for a few basic details. The form is easy to complete both on a laptop or cell phone.

From that information Envision Salon Spa can get the process started. There's no need to gather all that personal data upfront - that can wait until later.

Focus on Staff

A salon is nothing without its professional staff of stylists and support team. Envision Salon Spa recognizes the important contributions of each individual by celebrating their experience, training, and awards. Each stylist has their own page that also links to their own social media pages.

Salon History & Timeline

As a salon with a long history in Ankeny, Iowa, Envision Salon Spa wanted to present their past in a simple format. Visionary's UX team developed the custom timeline display that automatically adapts to fit the website visitor's device.