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So you want to buy a watch

"Calling Dick Tracy … calling Dick Tracy"

Who is Dick Tracy? A 1930s detective who inspired a two-way radio watch, known as the Apple watch today.

But while the Apple Watch may have been inspired by the comic Dick Tracy, this device is much more than just a two-­way radio.

The Apple Watch is a fancy bluetooth device that allows you to receive calls and check messages, and lots of other neat features as well.

You can download tons of apps, such as games, workouts, news and travel information. You can be alerted of your next appointment by a subtle vibration on your arm.

When you use your maps app to direct you to a restaurant near you, it will vibrate when you are close to your turn and show turn by turn directions.

You can create your own standard text responses to your favorite contacts. And of course you can even check the time.

The watch band you purchase can be as inexpensive or expensive as desired. Although the really neat thing about the band is that you can purchase different ones and change to match your outfit.

As a woman you need more than one band of course.

Although there are limited choices at the Apple Store you can check out a third-party site called Casetify, which has a lot of choices for Apple watch bands.

Depending on the watch band this can be very sleek with your style or look trendy while you run.

So why would you purchase an Apple Watch? Because it’s very convenient to not have to carry my phone to meetings – avoiding that annoying buzz on the table, then the awkward look around the room, and then the attempt to sneak a peek at your screen to see who is texting you.

Alerts now are on my wrist, and only I know when someone calls, texts or my when my next appointment is scheduled.

By the turn of the wrist if you have a question or need to setup an event quickly you can just tell Siri and she takes care of all this for you.

The activity app which keeps track of your movements has been very motivating as you are reminded to stand or go for a walk. The activity application also checks your heart rate and provides you stats as well a goals for the week.

Is the watch worth the hearty price?  Once you set your appointment at the Apple store and try on the different watch styles, and you are able to observe in person all the features, you’ll know the answer.

It is just like any other luxury timepiece, such as a Rolex or a Michelle watch. But it does more than just tell time. It’s a mini computer on your wrist.

It is amazing Apple as well as other watches like the Samsung Galaxy watch have been able to bring down the price for a common consumer with the amount of work and effort it takes to make such a compact computer.

The Generation One Apple watch is exciting and worth the wait, but there are tons of other bluetooth watches that are just a good.

It is mainly up to the consumer to determine what phone and device works for them. As most
technology gurus, I am excited to have the latest tech gear, but I am always ready to see what the next revolutionary product may be and how this will impact my life.

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