Variety of Iowa

Website Design

The Variety of Iowa site design was inspired by to keep a consistent design throughout the brand. The pops of red and the curved shapes give the site a fun, child-like feel that harmonizes with the organization’s focus on improving the lives of children.


Because Variety the Children’s Charity of Iowa is a non-profit organization, we always asked what we could do either more efficiently or differently to help save money on a website redesign for Variety. When it comes to payment integrations, the costs can add up quickly. But for Variety, payments is a necessity – either by accepting online donations, event registration fees, or vendor payments.

We'd recently finished up a payment integration for another project using Stripe, which had just released a product called Stripe Checkout. This developers like us to us a payment processor that keeps users on a client's website. This ensures the transaction is secure, minimizes the risk for the client, and provides a great user experience. Plus, the benefit for both Visionary and our clients who use Stripe is that the development is quicker than a full e-commerce integration.

Donations Management Tool

Variety needed a way to create custom donation levels at a moment’s notice. They wanted people to be able to donate a certain amount, but also give people the option to donate items, such as a specialized bicycle or Variety's famous heart pins, as well as donate towards specific funds, such as the Ashley Oakland Playground.

The tool we built lets Variety does all that and accept online payments for pledges made during  telethons, in addition to giving vendors a way to pay invoices. This tool is integrated with the Stripe Checkout used for Variety's online payments and allows for a pretty seamless user experience.

Calendar of Events and Event Registration

Because Variety wanted users to see future and past events on their event calendar, we completely revamped out calendar tool and gave Variety's users the option to filter events by year as well as category. We also added a ticketing feature to events that can be enabled or disabled based on event and includes management of unlimited pricing levels.

Users registering for events can also add additional attendees when buying multiple tickets or tables, which allowed Variety to collect more user information with very little effort.