Visionary Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Continuity Plans

As novel coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnoses continue to increase in the Des Moines metro area and around the world, Visionary is committed to providing continued service and support to our clients, while providing a safe environment for our employees. Due to our infrastructure and business continuity planning, we are confident that this situation will not significantly impact Visionary's web platforms.

With the rise in diagnoses, we are taking increased measures to maintain business continuity and protect the health of our employees:

  • Canceled all business travel and recommended that our team avoids non-urgent personal travel as well.
  • Require any employee who boards an aircraft, either domestically or abroad, to work from home for a 14-day precautionary period before coming back to the office.
  • Accept the minimum number of visitors to our offices and have postponed all planned events, parties, off-site meetings, and conferences until further notice.
  • Shared best practice health tips from the CDC and WHO with our team and continue to keep them updated on a regular basis.

Starting Monday, March 16, 2020, we are allowing team members to work remote as needed. This flexibility will allow us to continue working and caring for clients while supporting social distancing recommendations. If you need us, you can reach us in the same way you have in the past by phone or through email. For any previously scheduled on-site meetings, we are offering a web or phone meeting option instead. At this time, we are not disrupting our normal operations, and we intend to operate and serve clients as normal. In the event this changes we will communicate with you via email.

As a software-based company with a strong infrastructure, we are ready to manage our products, platforms, and clients' needs virtually. We will work to minimize any impact to our services and believe in our ability to keep the platform running as usual, with no interruption. We have worked to ensure that our team members have whatever they need to work remotely and continue doing their jobs securely. We have increased channels of internal communication, and as always, prioritize communication with you, our customers, so you can remain focused on your business challenges and goals.

Visionary will continue to monitor updates and guidelines from the Iowa Department of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and other sources. As the situation evolves we are prepared to reassess and adjust our plans accordingly, and will communicate any changes to you.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if there’s anything we can do to help. We wish you all good health and thank you for your ongoing partnership.

Last update: March 16, 2020