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What Is Your Website's Goal?

For many website owners, the success of their website is based on only one statistic: traffic.

But perhaps traffic shouldn’t be the primary goal for your site. Building traffic can take months, or years, whereas improving your site’s conversion rate can be accomplished relatively quickly.

All the traffic in the world doesn’t do any good if the site’s visitors don’t follow through with something during their visit, such as subscribing to your newsletter, filling out a contact form, or making a purchase.

When creating or redesigning a business website, you want to measure the benefits and success of the project. If you spend money and time building a site, you expect to receive a return on investment (ROI).

To measure that return, though, you must have a clear goal to define success.

What is a website goal?

So, what is a website goal? Any website can have a goal. Here is a list of some common ones:

  • Buy a product
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Request more information
  • Contact your company
  • View a photo album
  • Download an image, document, or other file
  • View a specific webpage
  • Click a link or perform another action

How do you define your site’s goal?

If you could make a site user do one thing while on your website, what would it be?

Make a list of actions you want your site’s visitors to complete. Do you want them to purchase an item, inquire about a service, or submit a contact form? How about sign up for your weekly newsletter or download a podcast?

Also, take a good hard look at who makes up your audience.

Who do you want to market your product or service to? Are you actually reaching these people, or is your audience really a different group?

Use analytics tools like Google Analytics to find out more about your site’s visitors. With Google Analytics, you find out all sorts of demographic information pertaining to your audience.

You can see what country, state, and city users are based out of. You also can see which social media sites are getting you the most referral traffic. And you can even find out what time of day people are visiting your site.

Measuring Success

After you have defined your goals, make sure you monitor your website and track the successes.

Visionary Services utilizes several tools to measure our goals – analytics software, client responses, and our own internal processes. Many goals can also have a monetary value assigned to them to help you see the success of your site in dollars and cents.

Contact us today for more information on setting website goals. Visionary specializes in website development and design with an emphasis on data-driven solutions for businesses large and small. Check out our portfolio!

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