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Why WordPress May Not Be Right for You

If you have a blog or very small static website, WordPress is a tremendous tool. In just a few minutes, an individual with some basic knowledge can setup and launch a WordPress-based website. You can easily select and install different themes to match your needs. WordPress' admin panel is well-designed and offers quick and easy updates to the site content.

So WordPress is great - if you have a blog. For the past few years a new trend has been forming: using WordPress for larger and more complex websites. Website owners are using WordPress for something it wasn't designed to do.

Some developers are pushing their clients to use WordPress for their custom websites. There are even some plug-ins that attempt to make WordPress into an eCommerce platform (it is not). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be made more difficult for large sites running WordPress. The admin panel just wasn't designed to manage complex sites.

Unfortunately, forcing WordPress to do more than it should often lead developers to "hack" the tool - they're trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. These hacks can lead to higher development costs and later development becomes much more difficult.

But you want a large site with an easily managed CMS (Content Management System), right? Use the right tool for the job. There are many ready-made solutions for specific needs (like online shopping carts). Or, choose a flexible, powerful CMS framework like Visionary Services' Site OnCall CMS. These tools provide complete control over a website's content, allow for easy growth in the future, and are built to handle the custom needs of your website.

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