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The Importance of Web Content

You've probably heard it—ad nauseam: Content is king.

Thanks in part to Bill Gates, who coined the phrase in a 1996 essay, those three words have become the be-all and end-all for digital marketers.

But let’s be clear: Content does not solely equate to blog articles.

Your website is probably comprised of multiple pages, right? And each page probably has some text and maybe a photo or a video, right?

That’s content. All of it.

As Gates puts it, content is where most of the real money is made on the Internet. Content drives page views, which can ultimately translate into a myriad of things: ad revenue, sales leads, and e-commerce purchase orders among other things.

Content is why Google exists. Content is why Search Engine Optimization exists. Content, frankly, is why the Internet exists.

Like Guttenberg's printing press, the Internet was birthed out of a need to make information more accessible. People go online to find and consume information.

A site with very little content isn't much use. The value of your site directly correlates to the value of the content you produce. 

Yes, how you display that content on your website is important to a large portion of your audience. But what about your users who are visually impaired? They may be using a screen reader or a special browser that strips away all the design decorations, leaving only your content behind.

Can your content stand alone on its own merit?

One simple way you can test this is by copying it from your website, pasting it in a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, and reading it aloud.

Does it sound compelling? Would you contact this business or organization to learn more?

Your website is your biggest marketing tool. You control what goes on it—it’s your little slice of the World Wide Web.

If you need to revamp your content, be sure to keep text to a minimum. A web page that is nothing but text is intimidating, so turn your tidal wave of words into something more interesting and engaging. Digital content isn’t exclusive to text.

Videos, audio, and images are all forms of content that are just as valuable as copy. And they have just as much impact on your website’s SEO value.

Create a video to showcase a product or a tutorial. Publish a weekly 10-minute podcast to share your thoughts on an industry trend. Combine photos of all your employees into a gallery so your current and potential customers can easily match a face with a name.

These are just a few simple examples, but simple improvements will go a long way, and help you stand out from your competitors.

Interested in learning about other ways you can improve your website? We’ve also published posts on usability, page structure, and typography.

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