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VSi Des Moines Launches FIREHOUSE Software Website

Visionary Services, Inc. recently had the opportunity to work closely with Brad Basart, Sr. Publications Specialist at FIREHOUSE Software to develop their new website "Our site has long been much more than a marketing resource on the web; it has been a product and support resource for our clients", Brad commented.

The site redesign was prompted by the need for brand standardization and content management system upgrades. "Primarily, with the acquisition of our parent company, ACS, by Xerox Corporation in early 2010, we were provided a new scope for brand management. We collaborated with ACS and Xerox staff to blend our product brand signature in with theirs," Brad explained. "Secondly, the existing site management system was personally time consuming. The newly designed Site OnCall tools have given me the power to make changes to our site within minutes of being notified."

Visionary was able to build the tools FIREHOUSE needed to make necessary site updates on the spot. With Visionary's custom Site OnCall Admin Panel, FIREHOUSE can now update site content, documents, downloads, resources and other support materials securely from any computer with a connection to the internet.

With Visionary's modular Site OnCall build, FIREHOUSE can create additions to the site and it's tools in phases. "With the new design structure of our site, we're ready to add more features and resources to keep our communications active with our clients", stated Brad. "We look forward to continuing our enhancements as we approach 2012."

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