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Visionary Des Moines Upgrades Variety Telethon Website

For the majority of us, a new year represents a time to start again refreshed. Variety Telethon located in Des Moines, Iowa embraced the new year with a full website redesign and complete Site OnCall upgrade. The design speaks to what Variety Telethon encompasses as a non-profit charity: youthful, professional and focused.

Variety Telethon's main public-facing functionality update exists within the navigation structure of the website. Variety focused on the main topics a website user would be most inclined to need and use: About, Donate, Learn More and Get Involved. This simple navigation update makes a world of difference to the end user as it clearly and quickly directs you to the information sought after. For example, when I am visiting a charity website I want to know who they are, what they do and how I can help. This navigation clearly follows that line of thought which allows me to focus more on the information being supplied than on how to move about the website.

A website's navigation can easily become one of the main determining factors for some visitors as to whether they continue moving through the content or clicking away. Next month I'll supply a quick checklist of items that may indicate it's time for a website redesign.

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