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Visionary is Moving to the Cloud

VSi Cloud HostingWhile Cloud computing may not be a new concept, there are many companies finding innovative ways to use this technology to offer certain advantages not made widely possible in the past. If you have ever used Google Maps, Amazon or Skype you have used a form of cloud-based services or technologies. Cloud computing allows data to be mobile and easily accessible via the Internet. Many of our clients have been using Visionary's Site OnCall to maintain their websites which is another great example of a cloud-based service. You can access and maintain your data through the cloud (there's no specific software needed to be downloaded for use) and have it instantly updated via the Internet. Visionary is now taking the next step in Cloud computing: Cloud Hosting.

There are multiple advantages in creating a Cloud hosting server; I'll offer you a quick top-level overview.

ADDED RELIABILITY - Cloud technologies offer increased stability as data can be redundantly spread across multiple servers.

INCREASED SPEED - The server can quickly determine which access point, based on end user's geography, will offer the best speed and connection. Secondly, with multiple servers, resources can be reallocated automatically based on need.

MINIMAL DOWNTIME - Virtual servers equal less need for continuous hardware replacement, re-installation of software and manpower to repair the servers during outages.

It's truly astounding how far technology has advanced in the last few years and even more exciting to see where these innovations will lead to next. Check back with us over the next couple of months for progress updates on the Cloud Hosting transition.

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