Visionary Develops New Photo Gallery Module

Visionary Services Published by: Visionary Services Published on: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Visionary recently launched a new Site OnCall photo gallery module to simplify the tasks of creating and maintaining your website photo gallery. The user is now able to create folders which will automatically create the photo gallery navigation for quick access to specific groupings of images. Each folder comes standard with room for up to 12 images (which can be customized upon request). Each image has a dedicated space for a title and a description area. Multiple images can be uploaded at one time as well.

We have designed this new photo gallery module to be not only a standalone tool, but it also to be used as a complimentary photo tool for custom built modules. This allows for greater functionality for uploading images and organizing projects or events. The new photo gallery module is now available for newly-developed websites as a replacement for the current photo gallery tool. Existing website customers can also upgrade their photo gallery to this new tool. Please contact us for pricing options to integrate this module into your website.

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