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Why Usability is Important to your Business Website

Have you ever been frustrated with a website not working correctly, or there’s too much information everywhere? You can't get where you want to go? We’ve all been there. If you’re in desperate need of the information you may tolerate it, however, most users will likely exit immediately and find the next source - the competitor. Have you considered that one of your customers might have experienced this with your website?

Here at Visionary, we understand that Usability/UX are key principles in web design. We want your users to understand what they’re seeing, utilize the site as intended, and find what they need. All within a few clicks, scrolls or touches. For example, if it looks like a button, acts like a button, it better performs like a button.

Understanding your users is the most important part of this process. Without them, your site has no value. It is necessary to understand their trends, habits, and backgrounds. That will help us evaluate the best approach to the design.

We research several factors: the business, competitors, market, etc. This shows us the users we need to target, giving us a foundation to build on. Once we know who our user is, we start sifting through content - organize and prioritize. That content is then grouped in a way innate to that user.

Another crucial step in determining a positive user experience is examining the business purpose and consumer intent, then organizing that content in a fashion congruent to each other’s needs.

The web is still fairly new; many users didn’t see a computer until late in their career, while others entering the workforce have been exposed since birth! UX designer’s have to consider the range of abilities out there, and best fit their expectations.

We want your business to gain the trust of your users by meeting their expectations. The tools act as expected, the content reads easily, and what is sought is found. If that is what your users experience, you are a step ahead of your competition

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