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The Voice Assistant Revolution

There is no denying the growing presence of technology in our lives today.  Even if you try to actively avoid it, it seems like more and more, the devices we utilize for our daily tasks involve some sort of voice technology…or will.

Voice assistants have become vastly popular and seem to be a household staple these days.  I happen to own an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot but I’m happy to report that I don’t rely on it to the point that if it were to malfunction, so would I.

However, 72% of people who own a voice-activated speaker say that their devices are often used for their daily routines.  (Fast Company)  Some use these devices to check commute times, forecast the weather for the day, turn off lights, change the channel, adjust their thermostats, listen to music and create shopping lists of things to later purchase at a store.



(Infographic courtesy of TC)

I do find it interesting that most of us have no issue letting Google, Amazon or Apple into our homes in this new technologically-invasive manner.  While very common, little is known as to whether our privacy is truly private anymore.  The question that I’m sure a lot of you are asking right now is whether it was ever private to begin with.  Valid point.

As we increase our interactions with these devices, they become more and more ready to meet our human need for instant gratification.

So, what do these companies have planned for the future? Well, Amazon has plans to roll out their devices in Toyota cars, Vuzix smart glasses and even Kohler smart toilets. Samsung has joined the voice assistant world by creating Bixby with plans to install it in their TV’s and appliances later this year. (CES

Naturally, a major objective with technology companies is to gradually invade their users’ lives with their product so that they become increasingly dependent and expectant of its services. I strongly believe that this will continue to reshape the way we perform work tasks, execute our daily routines and consider our future(s). While it is anyone’s guess who ends up winning this voice assistant race for dominance, there is no doubt in my mind that we are actually considered the product versus the product itself.

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