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TEDxDesMoines 2012 Promotes the Spread of Ideas

On July 15 a few Visionary team members attended the yearly TEDxDesMoines at the Science Center of Iowa. In case you don’t know, TED ( is an organization promoting the spread of new ideas on a variety of topics. TED focuses on bringing people together from different backgrounds.

 TEDxDesMoines is a local, independent version of TED. This year’s conference boasted 10 speakers discussing topics ranging from asteroid avoidance to how you can use ambition. We listened to the former Lt. Governor of Ohio, Lee Fisher, describe how cities can grow. Clare Barcus, a local high school student, shared her experience overcoming the stutter she’s had for most of her life. The topics were greatly varied and everyone left the event with new knowledge and ideas.

 In the end, the 2012 TEDxDesMoines event was a great opportunity to learn about new topics that we likely have not experienced. Check out the conference website ( for more information and to get involved with next year’s event.


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