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Team Building Key at Visionary

One of the many great reasons employees love working at Visionary is our focus on collaboration and team building. While each department may have a slightly different slant on how they create that atmosphere, the company as a whole encourages feedback, goal setting and a positive work environment.

The contract development team recently participated in a fun exercise to demonstrate the importance of clear communication. Each team member was split into teams of two, with one "artist" and one "instructor". The person giving the instructions had to look at a simple drawing and communicate to the artist what to draw without actually saying the name of item drawn. Some examples included a star, flower, cube, etc.

Much laughter occured once the original drawing was compared to the one drawn by the artist. The easy take-away from this fun experiment was that sometimes clear communication isn't always that easy! Thanks to the MindTools website for suggesting this simple exercise.

Part of Visionary's customer service premise is that we always work on our communication skills..both internally between team members and externally with clients. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or suggestions on how we can continually improve on our customer service to you.

Team Building Exercise Artwork

This exercise is not as easy as it demonstrated through our drawings below. Thank you team for being good sports!

Visionary Team Building Exercise


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