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Site OnCall vs Open Source CMS

Visionary's Site OnCall CMS has several benefits over popular Open Source options

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In my first weeks at Visionary, I had to rethink my understanding of Content Management Systems. Upon my introduction to Visionary’s Site OnCall, I quickly began to understand why it is the CMS of choice here.

I have always been a lover of Wordpress and open source content management solutions. Like many things, this was mostly because it was all I had ever known. After diving into Visionary’s custom CMS, I began to understand why this company has stood behind this software.

Here are five things that I have perceived in my time with Visionary thus far:

1. Internally Created & Maintained

If you have ever seen the backend of a pieced-together Wordpress site, then you will understand that sometimes things can get messy. Using plugins made by unknown developers, stitching it all together to run one site and hoping that nothing breaks seems chaotic when you stop and think about it. And it can be.

This piecemeal struggle is where using software that was built by the group maintaining it, makes sense. If there is something not working properly, I can get up and walk over to the group of developers who created it. If open source elements aren’t working properly, that developer is left to Google or fight with it to make it work. This can prove to be less than effective.

I had never thought about the process this way until I came to Visionary and saw just how well this system works. It can be customized, it has been tirelessly tested and it is efficient.

2. Customizable

The biggest argument I always had for open source CMS was that it could be easily customized with plugins. Turns out, Site OnCall can be customized too! Our developers and account managers are fantastic at coming up with unique solutions that are outside the box, and those solutions are supported right here in our office. Pretty cool, huh?

Another item that should be mentioned is responsive design. The practice of creating sites that are meant to be viewed on multiple devices is quickly becoming the industry standard. Our CMS and designs now come standard with responsive design. Everyone, grab your smartphone and prepare for an excellent user experience.

3. User Friendly

I have yet to meet with a client who is struggling with how to update the content of their Site OnCall website. The dashboard is intuitive and the modules used to control all the elements on the site were designed after years of client feedback to be simple and effective.

4. Secure

In my first few days of learning all about the content management system, I asked, “How often do your sites get hacked?” The answer was a shaking head…”No, never, we haven’t been.”

WHAT?! This is real? I kept waiting for the punch line. There wasn’t one.

The developers at Visionary pride themselves on being stringent about security. In the history of Visionary’s Site OnCall CMS, there hasn’t been a site hacked…ever. This amazes me. As someone who has pushed out a ton of Wordpress and Drupal sites into the world, I could barely understand the fact that this proprietary system could be so secure.

This will always be my favorite line when speaking with a potential client. “Our sites haven’t been hacked.” Security is a big selling point for me.

5. Supported

If you are having trouble with something and need assistance, it is always nice to be able to call and talk to a person. Visionary’s team offers a support line, support email and other resources to get answers and solutions for you as soon as we are able. Someone is assigned to monitor support items every day. Not only do we produce great websites, we stand behind them.

I think you can see why I have shifted my ideas about how to build manageable websites, and I hope that if you are in the market for one, you will give Visionary a call.

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