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Integrate Your Email Marketing and Social Media Campaigns

By actively reaching your audience through various mediums, you’ll have a higher rate of success when trying to communicate with them. While email marketing tends to be a more targeted form of communication with your existing client base, social media campaigns can connect you with new customers interested in your products or services. 

For example, someone may be more likely to review a product/read an article based on their peers’ recommendations within a social media platform than from an email they are seeing for the first time. Social media allows the potential customer to become engaged on their own terms, making the experience more personal and sought after. 

Email marketing is an important unilateral form of communication as it allows you to deliver a specific message to a targeted audience. When coupled with social media, email marketing can allow a one-sided conversation to evolve into an interactive discussion. This coupling is most effective when you develop a plan to use both mediums cyclically and remain diligent at adding new, relevant content to feed the organic nature of the discussion. Email marketing will reach your most trusted and loyal customers for which they will share the message with friends and family by means of social media spreading it to new audiences waiting to be reached.

Social media also allows you to inform the public of upcoming promotions available through subscriptions to company email campaigns and newsletters. These promotional teasers help close the loop on your email marketing and social media integration and can help you build your client base. Even more importantly, with passionate, relevant and beneficial communication you have the potential to not only expand your targeted audience but reinforce the relationship between you and your current clients.  Through interactive and responsive communications, relationships are not only built but strengthened. Remember to reach, inform and listen to your customers. Email marketing and social media integration can help you maintain existing relationships and create new ones. 

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