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Happy Holidays from Visionary Services!

As many of you experienced first-hand, early December in Iowa proved to be a record-breaker. In 24 hours, the Des Moines area received nearly 16 inches of snow, which is double the average snowfall we typically receive for the entire month.

 This deluge halted schools and businesses across the metro, including VSi. We were closed on Wednesday, December 9th because travel was nearly impossible due to the heavy snow and 40+ mile an hour winds. Fortunately by Thursday, most of us could dig out to make our way downtown. The above graphic started as a joke from one of our employees, Alex Carter, who lives within a block of work. However, we all decided it should turn into our holiday greeting card.

Below is a message from our leader, David Safris, who, by the way, is NOT pictured in the above photograph!

Happy Holidays from the team at Visionary Services, Inc. (VSi)   

How can it be we are already to the end of another decade!   I stand amazed at the rapid change of technology and what this might mean for the future. 

When I first envisioned starting a technology company, I had just graduated from college in 1989 and had bought an ALR PC with a 286 processor running the MS DOS operating system.   If that is all unheard of to you, it is because none of those products survived the 90’s.   As we know, the PC roared through the 90’s evolving from a sideline player to a leading role in both homes and businesses along the way.

While the technology change was dramatic in the 90’s, it was only the beginning as by 1999 we had arrived at the doorstep of the Internet revolution.  From 1999 to 2009, technology expansion based on internet at wireless trends accelerated and .. well.. you know where we are now.  Every aspect of our lives have been impacted by technology literally unheard of ten years ago.  As we enter the third decade of the consumer technology explosion, I have to wonder what technology or trend will dominate the next ten years.

 Possibly some answers lie in two recent project trends we have seen this year at VSi.

  1. Our customers continue to utilize web technologies to build complex business systems previously residing on closed networks.  Taking advantage of new technologies and faster connectivity allows users to get to important information more quickly.  This will continue into the future as employees and consumers expect that any place they are is where they want to access their data systems.
  2. VSi recently rolled out a new wireless mobile web system for Iowa Realty (  VSi has worked on wireless technology in the past, but this is at a whole new level.  Smart phones, NetBooks, hotspots, Home Wireless - all terms and technologies that did not exist ten years ago.  Now all of these are found in the average coffee shop or home.   Connectivity any time from a broader array of devices is definitely a trend showing no sign of slowing.

We are blessed to close out the decade with a great team here at VSi and appreciate your business and support throughout the years.  The VSi team is as well positioned as ever to help our clients meet the challenges of the current technology environment as well as capitalize on new technology platforms.

After the decade of the PC, and the decade of the Internet, we wish all of you the best as we enter the decade of the...[what's next?].

David Safris


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