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Is it Time to Embrace Responsive Design at Visionary?

In the last six years at Visionary, we've experienced incredible growth. Not only have we nearly doubled in size to almost 30 full-time employees, but we've greatly expanded the breadth of solutions we offer to our clients.

However, one web design approach where we've been more cautious to dive into in the past revolves around "responsive design". If you're not familiar with this term, it simply means an adaptive design and layout of a website which is optimized across multiple devices...from desktops to tablets to phones. If Wikipedia is your source for all truth, check out their definition here.

Visionary prides itself in not following every new technology fad, and in part, that's why we've been so successful for over 20 years. That doesn't mean, however, that we don't seek and develop solutions that best fit our clients' needs, which is why one of our 2014 initiatives is to make responsive design a part of our Site OnCall platform. While every site we develop this year won't be based on this approach,  it will give us another tool in our "Site OnCall toolkit" to offer our clients.

We still develop custom desktop and custom mobile solutions for clients because as you know, not every client's needs are the same. That's how we set ourselves apart...we create long-lasting relationships where we get to know our client's business or organization to help create the best user experience.

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