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Tips for Choosing a Great Domain Name

Importance of Choosing a Great Domain Name

The domain that you choose to represent your brand online can have a big impact on your business. Your domain is the cornerstone for your online presence. It is how visitors will find you, search for you, remember you, and identify you online.

A domain name can influence many factors, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), marketing, and the recognizability factor of your business and online presence.

Find out if the domain you want is available: You can use WHOis to find out whether or not a domain name is already registered.

Use a .com extension: Using a .com extension is pretty standard these days. 75% of all websites have a .com extension. As a result of its popularity, users will assume that your business uses this extension.

Keep it relevant: Make sure your domain name is relevant to your business. If you run a business called Sarah’s Cupcake Store, a good name would be or More generic names like or could belong to anyone and aren’t really representative of your business specifically.

Make it short and sweet: Your domain should be easy to spell, succinct, and simple. If I want to find Sarah’s Cupcakes, the logical domain for me to guess is Try to pick a domain name that is something someone would guess your domain name is.

In summary, your domain should be something easy to spell, easy to remember, easily guessed, and fairly short. It says everything about your online presence, so it is important to take time and determine what your best domain name can be.

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