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Buy Local, Web Local

East Village Downtown Des Moines Iowa

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It’s important to support your local businesses, and that shouldn’t be any different when purchasing a website.

Visionary’s home is located downtown Des Moines, Iowa in the East Village area. We are so fortunate to be here, surrounded by some amazing local businesses. We do everything we can to buy and support local -- from our coffee at The Bean, our haircuts at Salan W to lunches at Tacopocalypse.  We hold a lot of pride in that fact and I hope you do as well.

The benefits of working with a local business is we have similar backgrounds and interests. The most obvious - we’re from Iowa; the best state there is. It’s possible you’ve experienced RAGBRAI; whether you’ve bruised your bum en route or enjoyed from the sidelines. You have very likely consumed well over the acceptable amount of grease at the Iowa State Fair. I bet you are an Iowa or Iowa State fan, but not both. We can relate on many levels being from the heartland. We probably even have a few common friends on Facebook.

We have an advantage over those outsiders who think they understand your web needs - we get each other. We have the same background, values and work ethic and strive to provide quality, because that is all we know.

Why not use a large web company? There are quite a few reasons:

You're more than a number

You don’t want to put your business website in the hands of corporations that manage thousands of other websites do you? You’re not important to them, you’re just a number. Our clients are our friends, and some even family, who get the same attention and service they deserve.

Location, Location, Location

When you’re on the hunt for a website wouldn’t you like to work with a team willing to drive anywhere in Iowa to accommodate you? You’re putting your trust in us; therefore, you deserve a face-to-face conversation. That allows us to gain a full understanding of your background, business and goals to make sure we’re a good fit for you.

Iowa nice

We’re personable, easy to talk to and nice! How often do you call for technical assistance and find yourself talking to a machine or possibly someone that isn’t on the same continent? Do they lack a little empathy for your situation? Our entire department at Visionary takes turns answering support calls, so you get a real live Des Moinesian who can sympathise with your needs and jump on any task that same day.

When you’re a “visionary” the relationship does not end once your site is live. We will always be within reach to maintain your site, make any updates, and insure that it’s working properly and secure.

We are real people, born and raised in Iowa, with degrees from Iowa colleges and years of experience to help you move your business forward. We provide the best web solutions, design, and support you can’t find in a national web provider. Support local, and we will be your best support.

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