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Balsamiq: Not Just a Salad Dressing

For those of you who were spelling bee champions, don't fret...I correctly spelled Balsamiq. That's because I want to talk about Balsamiq wireframes...not the vinegar-based salad dressing.

A wireframe is a visual representation of the requirements for a project. It may be a flow-diagram of a sitemap, or how information will be processed through a website. It may also be a high-level mock-up of how the proposed website might look. Wireframes don't include color-schemes and graphics. Think of it as someone sketching out a rough draft on paper.

Wireframes are great ways for clients to understand and approve work to be done...especially with more complex projects.

There are many wireframe software options available, and they vary in both cost and features. At Visionary, we chose Balsamiq for two reasons:

  1. It provided an easy way for project managers to create a wireframe document for clients, and took no time for us to get up and running on the software.
  2. At less than $80 a license, we found a tool has added another layer of customer service for our clients. Client feedback has been very positive because there's less chance for confusion or misunderstanding when explaining the details of a project.

So what does this mean for you? Two reasons clients choose to work with Visionary...and stay with us through re-designs and upgrades..are because of our customer service and expertise in our field. Our experienced project management team helps clients determine the goals for a project, and how to meet those goals...before a developer ever writes one line of code.

So whether or not you're a fan of balsamic salad dressing, we believe you WILL be a fan of Balsamiq wireframes. Contact us today about your next project!

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