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5 Things Your Website is Missing

Calls to Action

A call to action is a way to collect the information of potential clients who have looked at your website and are interested in your products or services. Calls to actions are offers in the form of buttons, banners, or graphics that help people know what to do next.  If you want a potential customer to call you, then make sure their phone number is the main thing they see on the home page. If you want someone to purchase your products, then make those products  easy to find and purchase. Try to have clear, commanding statements such as, “Call us now!”, “Request a Demo”, or “Buy Now”.


Social Media Links

It is now a standard for every business to have a social media presence. Social media provides an easy-to-use channel to communicate to your core customers. You should have links to your various social media profiles on your website.


Email Marketing

If you are continually adding new developments to your business or site, you should consider adding a newsletter sign-up to alert users when something is new. Perhaps you have a blog on your site; with an email or newsletter, you can issue out alerts to those who are interested and make sure they know you have a new post.


User-Friendly Navigation

You should keep in mind that most people now use the Internet on their mobile phone just as much or more than their computer. For this reason, you need a “responsive” version of your website. With a responsive site, besides changing the layout of a site, certain features or other calls to actions can be enhanced so that they are easier to use on smaller screens. You can read more about responsive design here.



Search engines will always produce your highest quality prospects because they represent people who are actively searching for the products and services you offer. For a local business, being found in the local search results in Google is critically important. Make sure your website has a customized search engine optimization strategy in order to boost your site’s search performance.


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