Paul Sample

Paul Sample, Software Engineer
Software Engineer


Paul loves living in the Midwest and is as laid back as it gets but, typically can’t sit still. He enjoys living in smaller and closer communities, so it is nice not to live too close to Des Moines. Whether he is running, biking, driving, or walking the dogs, Paul will wave at people that he passes It’s good to be friendly because everyone is going through something, and a little bit of kindness might make a difference in someone’s day.  

Paul grew up in a small town where neighbors would ask for help. His aim is to be helpful in the goal to set other people up for success in anything they want to accomplish. If someone needs tools to finish a birdhouse or someone needs help in learning a new skill that he is good at, he is there to help

Company culture is extremely important to Paul. It’s nice to be productive and do your job, but it feels nice to work at a place that understands that we are all people and “life” happens. Water pipes can burst, children can get sick, and appliances can stop working. No matter what happens, there are other people to help pick up the slack so we don’t miss a beat.



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