Kevin Connors

Kevin Connors, Software Developer
Software Developer

Kevin grew up in Sugar Land, Texas but moved to Rockbridge County, Virginia when he was 4.  He grew up on a 14-acre property with lots of pets.  At one point, they had two dogs, four cats, a rabbit, some fish, and a corn snake.  Kevin has a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, with a minor in Linguistics, from Grinnell College.

Visionary is his first full-time position and he joined the team shortly after graduating.  Before Visionary came along, he interned at Fresh Tilled Soil, a web design firm in Watertown, MA, in 2015, and later conducted undergraduate research at Grinnell College in both 2016 and 2018.  In 2016, Kevin's research focused on Program Synthesis via Type-Theoretic constraints. Please don't ask him to explain what that means, because he admits that he's not sure he ever figured out how it works.  In 2018, Kevin worked on a mod for popular indie video game Stardew Valley. The purpose of the research was to teach evolutionary concepts to players by adding evolution mechanics to the game. On Team VSi, Kevin's focus is on back-end software engineering, mostly working in PHP and MySQL. 

Beyond the work hours, he loves to cook, play games of any kind, travel, learn other languages, read, sleep, and listen to music.

He lives in downtown Des Moines on the East side and loves how easy it is to walk to work!

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