Here at Visionary, we're pretty excited to welcome Audrey to our team! She will be directly helping the Contract-Dev team this summer and we fully anticipate her making her mark in the coming weeks! 


Audrey grew up in Ames and is currently studying Public Relations and Event Management at Iowa State University. 

Before landing her summer internship at Visionary, Audrey worked as a studio manager for a photography studio in Ames.  Her main focus points at Visionary are to learn as much as humanly possible, strengthen her project management processes and techniques, focus on Art Week Des Moines and support social media campaigns as needed. Audrey is certified in Google Analytics. 

When she isn’t living it up at Visionary, Audrey loves to listen to music, drink coffee, lay out in the hammock, read, take care of her small plant collection and decorate.  She loves creating spaces for people to feel comfortable, confident and valued whether it’s online or offline.

She has a Golden Doodle pup named Kaci.

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